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China's construction equipment market is divided into digging, material handling, concrete mixing and so on. In terms of product types, China's construction equipment market mainly has backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, loading and unloading cranes and so on. From a regional point of view, China's construction equipment market is divided into North China, South China, West China and East China. 

Strong economic development, infrastructure growth, OEM business growth and high FDI in the construction sector are driving the Chinese construction equipment market. China's 12th five-year plan aims to grow the construction sector by 11%, up from 7.8% in the previous plan. Infrastructure investment of 45 trillion rupiah under the 12th five-year Plan will boost demand for construction equipment. Due to China's low cost and the availability of skilled labor, it has great potential as a OEM center.Ten new equipment manufacturers are expected to set up bases in 2018. The increased construction activities have created favourable conditions for foreign direct investment in the equipment sector. The shortage of infrastructure land has hindered the development of China's construction equipment market. Regulatory and environmental concerns, as well as delays in project approval, have hampered construction projects in China and restricted the sale of construction equipment. Higher oil prices increase the cost of other inputs such as fuel, eroding end-user profits and reducing demand for equipment. 

As competitors fine-tune the technology to achieve better performance, asphalt factory technology continues to move forward. As a result of the new control technology, the new plant can provide higher quality production while allowing recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) to be used more effectively while still ensuring that strict mixing specifications are met. 

Asphalt Aggregate Mixing Plan

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Asphalt drum mixers say they have developed new equipment systems that can effectively deal with RAP. The company's latest EX series asphalt plant uses single drum countercurrent technology and is said to be one of the longest aggregate drying and mixing plants on the market. 

The EX series asphalt plant produces 90-385t / h at low cost / ton. These plants can also handle up to 50% of RAP. The EX series uses countercurrent technology with separate drying and mixing zones to achieve maximum heat transfer and fuel efficiency. The system actually eliminates unsafe hydrocarbon emissions, which is a common problem with other drum mixers. In order to make the power plant more environmentally friendly, ADM reintroduces the remaining gas into the combustion area of the drum by designing a countercurrent system, thereby reducing emissions. 

The EX series uses portable and fixed modes to comply with federal and state specifications and functional technologies to ensure that the output meets the necessary specifications.Advanced equipment control is said to be simple to use, the EX series can be controlled by an operator, and the material feed is provided by the loader operator. 

We provide a variety of spare parts so that customers can choose the right factory according to their requirements. ADM also offers a range of additional units, including cold tanks, hot asphalt cement tanks, portable and fixed bag rooms, mineral packing systems, RAP systems, self-built and fixed silos, weighing and dragging conveyors, weighing dispensers and fuel tanks. 

Asphalt Batch Mix Plan

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In today's competitive and cost-driven market, asphalt manufacturers are facing many challenges. The bidding process for the project has become complex as a result of large fluctuations in fuel prices, which is a key factor in any estimate. In order to comply with a series of environmental laws and regulations, we must be vigilant at all times. Ensuring the safety of the workplace is a persistent problem. 

Recently, more and more asphalt manufacturers have found a simple solution to each of these challenges. They have switched to liquefied natural gas (LNG) (LNG) to fuel their fixed and temporary asphalt production facilities. They found that liquefied natural gas is more stable and sustainable in price and much safer than traditional asphalt fuels. Here are some of the advantages of liquefied natural gas in asphalt manufacturing over other fuels such as propane and diesel. 

Accurate determination of the cost per ton of asphalt is the key for asphalt manufacturers to obtain the (DOT) contract of the Ministry of Transportation. However, for those who use propane and diesel in their own factories, the bidding process is more complex because, in some cases, the price of these fuels can change by as much as $1 a gallon over the course of a year. 

By contrast, asphalt producers using liquefied natural gas as a fuel source have found that the bidding process is greatly simplified. This is due to the stability of LNG prices. Because of the abundance of natural gas in the United States, the price of liquefied natural gas has usually fluctuated by no more than a few cents per gallon over the past 12 months.

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