Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant

  • Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant
  • Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant
  • Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant
Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant
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RLBZ series are for renovation of existing asphalt mixing facility to install auxiliary RAP mixing facility. This increase the performance of the existing facility and reduce the investment. It includes cold batcher of RAP, furnace and emission handling, RAP heat drum and the optional RAP pre-mixing.
RLBE series are suitable for various asphalt mixing facilities with various sizes and brands. They are customized as required. TTM has ample experience with hundreds of successful cases.

Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plants

Recycling Mixing Plant

The heat drum of RAP:

The patent design ( patent no. ZL200810189181.1 ) of elastic paddles solves the problem of RAP sticking with drum and paddle during heating. There are also several paddles with hook to collect large size of RAP from the RAP and make them roll and fall in the drum with better heat effect. Thus, the heating of coarse/fine RAP is well managed to reduce the temperature difference of fine RAP after heating and prevent the bitumen-aging of fine RAP due to over-temperature.

Premix of RAP:

The patented mixer(patent no. 201110063817.X) is for mixing of heated RA with recycling agents in homogeneity. The viscosity of bitumen will decrease after the mixing so that the 2nd mixing with virgin aggregate and bitumen will me more effective. This method will reduce the mixing time of 2nd mixing(the mixing time is the same as the time of normal asphalt). It increases the quality of asphalt without sacrificing the capacity of mixing facility, increase the quality of asphalt without sacrificing the capacity of mixing facility.

---160t/h asphalt recycling plants,asphalt recycling plant---

1. Type: RLBZ-2000

2. Production: 160t/h

3. Fuel consuuption: Oil:6~8 kg/h  Coal: 13~15kg/h

4. Power: 170kw


 -----------Main Feature------------ 
80t/h asphalt recycling plants,asphalt recycling plant: 

RLBZ asphalt recycling plant (added on asphalt mixing plant)

RLBZ series equipment refers to the asphalt recycling equipment added onto existing asphalt mixing plant. It improves the production efficiency of the mixing plant and assists users in reducing equipment investment. RLBZ asphalt recycling plant finish the recycled asphalt heating in a special drying drum and it is always used in combination with asphalt mixing plant. It is primarily composed of recycled asphalt feeding system, material lifting system, drying system., hearing reclaimed asphalt hopper, heat reclaimed asphalt weighing system, gas reburning system and control system. Due to reliable performance, our equipment is well received by domestic customers, including Hongkong Zhengyi Asphalt Road Engineering Company.





Weighing Accuracy





Max Content of RAP









48 t/h




Oil:6~8 kg/t

Coal:13~15k g/t

130 kw







80 t/h



170 kw







120 t/h



230 kw







160 t/h



260 kw







----------Product Details-----------

1. [ Furnace Part ]

The unique design funace uses the hot emission from the dryer drum to reduce the temperature of hot air by furnace. The hot air (500℃-900℃) will heat the RAP and prevent the RAP from direct contact with the flame to slow the aging of bitumen around the surface of RAP.

recycling asphalt mixing plant

2. [ Burner Part ]

The low-pressure burner is designed for the dryer drum with digital control on air/oil ratio and frequency, to ensure the better flame  as per drum, to reduce oil consumption greatly. The burner control is integrated with plant control, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Suitable for diesel, heavy oil and natural gas.

 Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plants


 ----------Environment Protection-----------

1. Total dust collection with 1st-level inertial collecting, 2ND-level bag house and dust collecting modules for various portions of facilities. 
2. We establish environment protection concepts according to the European standards to achieve in dust emission, acid emission and noise control, etc. 
3. The facilities are in green harmony with the environment wherever we go. 

---------- Packing Shipping -----------

------------- Our Service----------- 

Technical material, warranty and free service:

1. We will offer the buyer free trainning for their operator and maintenance worker, and also provide free technical advice services;

2. And company will organize technology training courses regularly, and give free training the buyer's operator.

Spare parts supply services in time:

Our company offer the original, authentic,quality spare parts for the machine maintenance accessoriesa.

Installation and commissioning and the acceptance:

1. Our company will offer the buyer free assistance of the equipment installation, commissioning for one time;

2. Each unit after installation will have returning visit by specialized departments;

Recycling Mixing Plant

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